Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunset Concerts at Grantez

Friday evening found a determined audience flooding down to Grantez to listen to an open air concert given by Kevin Pallot and the Pinnacles.
People created their own concert seating. Under brooding skies families gathered with friends to share music and food.
Kids skittered around like leaves in the wind. 

Or just stood, listened and contemplated their next moves.. The rain started to fall but stoicism kept us planted on the hill and the band played on...
It was an evening of community, of sharing, a sense of fun, food and music. Eventually the elements prevailed and a damp night descended but not before Kevin and his band had delivered the first half of his concert.
Each year brings more concert goers as the word spreads. Everyone responsible, Ashburton the generous sponsors, the National Trust who look after the land, the volunteers, and finally musicians like Kevin and the Pinnacles must feel proud of what they have acheived. Lovely idea, shame about the weather. Look out for it next year...

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