Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Images of St Helier

Our heritage is all around us, everything we see in Jersey tells our history. These images are familiar to most of us, but they continue to tell the story of St Helier.

Did you know that the modern harbour, as we know it, dates back to the construction of the stone fronted quay at La Folie in the early 1700s. Because it was open to the south-westerly gales, which are thought to have destroyed previous landing facilities in the area, many people regarded it as a foolish project – a folly - from where the area gets its name.

But, despite the reservations of certain locals, this stone quay proved more able to resist the worst of the elements, and around 1749, a second pier was built to the south of La Folie, funded in part by the equivalent of a local lottery grant as well as imports on wines and spirits, anchorage dues and cash and loans from wealthy merchants. The sum of £300 was also given by King George II towards the project but, instead, most of this money was used to erect a statue of him in the Royal Square, and some photos of his statue are below.

You can't see it but he sports two right feet. The sculptor that cast the statue thought it cheaper.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A weekend at Barge Aground

A weekend at Barge Aground St Ouen. Seeing our Island from a different perspective.
You can stay at Barge Aground too. Take a look at for more information.