Monday, June 26, 2017

Durrell - Jersey Zoo

After the heady heat of the last week a cool breeze crossed the island and a day of soft cloud and blustery beaches took me inland.

A delightful day just to mooch through the grounds of Jersey Zoo.

Even the bears, sprawled and spreadeagled, adopted the somnolent Sunday air of indifference. From Meerkats to marsupials it has everything to offer both tourist and local alike.

Winner of the Visitor Attraction of the Year 2017 in the first Jersey Style Awards, Jersey Zoo deserves its accolade and a quiet day to reflect. Just lovely.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Heave Ho me Hearties!

Once again those swashbuckling pirates have run aground at the Maritime museum. Swarthy, rum filled, Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for a new crew.

Stories are told, battles are fought, doubloons are bartered and the air is rent with shrieks of delight. 

Half term down the Maritime is a classic way to spend a couple of hours!