Monday, July 20, 2020

Another Sunday visit to Jersey Zoo.

Another  beautiful Sunday at Jersey Zoo. The people are returning lured by sunny skies, picnic places and wonderfully accessible animals. 

Volunteers quietly keep the site trimmed and tidy in the dappled light.

Aubrey points out shy birds hidden in the undergrowth.

Spectacled Bear sniffs out his domain.

All that SAS training pays off.

A motionless Meerkat stares you out.

A perfect place for picnics and hide and seek.

Or a quiet slumber.

Volunteers are in abundance.

Beck learns basic climbing skills.

A deep primeval maternal instinct belies a concerned look. The look says everything.

Sometimes all you need is a reassuring arm around your shoulder. The gesture speaks volumes.

The Crested Black Macaques must be the Peaky Blinders of the primate world. Troops swagger about full of malevolence.

Baleful stares quietly threaten.

Alas poor Yorick...

I love these bewigged great apes in their shaggy Kaftan coats, all rough and tumble or  quiet contemplation. Can't get enough. Orangutan's rule. (At least in this small kingdom.)

The Garlands wave.

Ducks in the duckweed.

A Lemur look. 

A young preening Moorhen barely breaks the surface.

A young engineer begins construction. 

COVID punched a big hole in the Zoo’s finances and it’s running costs never diminish. They need help. By becoming a member you provide a solid gesture towards aiding their recovery. Visiting the Zoo, using the cafe, their cakes are delicious and maybe buying something from the gift shop all helps. Some local businesses benefit by helping cash flow through the local economy, like Lauren Radley’s designs. A simple donation, at any level, increases their chances of survival and helps protect the conservation concept the Zoo was originally designed for. It’s a lovely safe place to visit, so pack a picnic and find your way to Trinity!