Thursday, August 2, 2018

The last dig.

Another year has passed and under a clear blue sky Dr Chantal Collier and her team of archeological students diligently scrape away the ancient clay to discover more megalithic finds at Les Varines.

Pebbles and shards of rock cluster around the remains of an ice-age hearth. The dark centre and purple stained ground evidence that a tribe would have sat close to the warmth this fire offered and with their faces reflected in its glow stared out to sea. 

Dr Matt Pope and his tribe have spent several years unearthing substantial finds at Les Varines and by the end of next week this precious site will be filled in to be left for another generation to rediscover.

A big thank you must go to Matt, Ed, Chantal, Sarah and all of those dedicated people who, under very difficult conditions at times, have painstakingly excavated this site revealing an Ice -Age tribal existence, bringing it all so very close. Magical. Memorable.

The dig has been hugely rewarding but without new funding, the estimated cost being around £40,000, it sadly cannot continue.

Attention will now shift back to La Cotte and a new dig there is promised.

So this Sunday could be the last chance for you to visit this unique site. Last year they found a Mammoth tooth. A Mammoth tooth. Goodness.

Think of it. Those wild woolly Mammoths once moved across our glacial cold landscape. This landscape. Our landscape.

Get close, visit the site, don't regret it.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Elizabeth Castle

On a hot Saturday morning we found ourselves at the edge of the shore staring out across a glittering sea towards Elizabeth Castle.

Originally an Abbey site, once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh the newly appointed Governor of the island, now a living museum and housing a collection of historical artefacts. From the days of Sir Walter, through six centuries of history including, the Civil War, the Seven Years war, the German Occupation, to today home to a Heritage let.

A short DUKW ride across the bay lands us just outside the Castle walls. 

Once inside we are free to wander over the whole of the site. A beautiful cafe with homemade cakes provides a welcome respite from the heat and small scavenging sparrows feast on the odd loosed cake crumb.

But it's the colourful story told by an authentic re-enactor that really adds the real flavour to the trip and makes the adventure so worth while.

A soldier from the Jersey Militia, his distinctive uniform standing out amongst the granite and parade ground, takes us through the history of the site and the people who have inhabited it.

Well worth a trip.

Aubrey arrives.

First Muybridge moment.

Second Muybridge moment.