Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Trust Open Day 2011

The 10th September and on a damp, blustery day the National Trust Jersey opened its doors for free to everyone.

So I visited 2 sites not usually seen. Le Rat a small beautiful cottage in St Lawrence and further around the lanes Le Morel Farm. Both beautiful reminders of what Jersey's rural areas used to look like.

You meander through tight lanes not built for modern traffic down in to a verdant valley and tucked away is Le Rat.

Cars skitter through the autumnal lanes.

Which way? French visitors provide directions.

Quiet on-lookers.

Visitors gather at Le Rat Cottage.

Le Rat lays hidden in the valley.

The winsome Le Rat cottage.

A volunteer gives a cheery welcome.

 Malcolm answers visitors questions.

On the way to Morel Farm I pass this sign. More conservation.

Morel Farm and Terry Grimshaws Pedigree chickens

Children and parents love this farm.

Running to find something new.

A hangdog moment.

This little piggy goes to market.

Eye to gimlet eye with chickens.

This little piggy loves Nasturtiums.

I'm sure it's this way...

Asses abound...

And this little piggy went...

Everywhere holds a child's delight...