Sunday, September 24, 2017

Autumn at Jersey Zoo (Durrell)

On an overcast, damp, dreech day I found myself, with family, up at Jersey Zoo.

A quick cup of coffee and a slice of cake fortified our spirits and we entered this magical animal kingdom. We weren't alone.

I'll admit there is a certain familiarity to the route we take but there is always a surprise. This time one of the bears took a dip.

Little Aubrey led the way choosing an outdoor route so the snakes, frogs, meerkats, and the venerable tortoise tribe all lost out.

The moist air brought the colours to life and the flamingos were strangely the pinkest I've ever seen.

All the animals seemed to have that Sunday ease. A pre-lunch siesta seemed the order of the day.

A quiet safari in the heartland of the parish of Trinity. The rain appeared just at the point we were leaving but all our desires had been satisfied. 

Aubrey had a pocketful of acorns that she will rediscover when the coat comes out again. 

I love the monthly rediscovery of this pretty little zoo. No matter what the weather.