Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Societe Jersiase's 2010 Photographic Competition

Every year the Societe Jersiase have a photographic competition open to all Islanders. Below are a couple of winners and a commendation.

This is the blogs own John Nasey with his winning landscape.

Here's another example of John's fine photographic skill in recording Jersey. Below is Sue Trower's winning portrait.

If you like these examples and are keen to see the other entrants and prizewinners then get yourself down to see the originals at the Societe on Pier road.
The Societe also have a terrific range of archived original photos that can be reproduced and hung in your home or office. they make brilliant presents.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turkey Buster 2011...

Mike Stentiford welcomes the New Year and gathers the hardy walkers...

January the first is cold and gray. There's no getting around this. But to blow away the cobwebs, chasten a hangover or christen the New Year, Mike Stentiford has organised a lunchtime ramble.

People arrive primed against the winter chill. Greetings exchanged, smiles passed around, hands clapped and feet stamped to gain warmth whilst waiting.

Mike describes the circular route from Big Verns, down the slip, along the beach to Kempt Tower. Over the road to the Orchid meadow, past St Ouens pond, along the road to the golf course and the back around to the White House where a special message will be revealed.

 Little snappers arrive...

A lone walker brings up the rear...

The JEP records the event...

The annual pilgrimage moves on...
Following photographs by John Lord

Unfortunately due to a prior engagement and a weak will this was the last I saw of our intrepid group. So I missed the reveal of the White House being painted green but it was heavily reported in the JEP.

The reason for the green paint was to provoke people into understanding the green issues the Trust support. They also have created twelve pledges.

The Green House projects' own twelve pledges are:

1. Grow Your OwnThe Trust pledges to establish a Community Orchard with the RJA&HS and encourage tenants to establish vegetable patches.

2. Drip Dry
The Trust pledges to establish washing lines on all of its properties.

3. Keeping Warm
The Trust pledges to review and insulate all of its properties through its refurbishment programme.

4. Wildlife Garden
The Trust pledges to undertake measures to increase wildlife habitat on all of its tenanted properties through suitable planting and landscape management. And to facilitate the construction of 75 ponds Island wide.

5. Composting
The Trust pledges to install composting bins on all of its properties.

6. Bags for Life
The Trust pledges to offer all of its members a Bag for Life free of charge from The Elms.

7. Paper
The Trust pledges to reduce its use of paper by 25% per annum.

8. WaterThe Trust pledges to connect to mains water with metres as part of its refurbishment prgramme and review use of shower heads and toilets.

9. Rain HarvestingThe Trust pledges to install water butts on all its tenanted properties and if practical establish grey water systems as part of its refurbishment programme.

10. Energy Effiiciency
The Trust pledges to install energy saving light bulbs in all of its properties within the next twelve months and Eco Managers to illustrate home energy consumption.

11. Use LocalThe Trust is to review procurement to ensure its building products are from sustainable sources and that it is using materials efficiently.

12. Architectural SalvageThe Trust pledges to establish an architectural salvage facility run by volunteers.