Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gracie Davies and The Farm School Inititative

Heritage isn't always about preserving the past but recognising its place in the future. When it comes to farming some of the feeling people have for the land has been lost along with some of the knowledge. But there is now a desire to return to some of those values and also to reduce the time it takes food to travel from field to plate.

Down a chestnut strewn leafy lane hidden in the wild's of St Martin's parish is Gracie Davies Farm School Initiative. 

Returning from college in Edinburgh, Gracie felt the pull of the land and wanted to share what she had learned about the benefits of being outside, growing organic food, tending to animals and decided the best way to pass this on was to introduce children at an early age to farming.

Designed by Gracie the venture offers children the opportunity to get down and dirty in the safest of environments. As a venture her whole family is involved. They watch over the children, involving them in every aspect of growing food, caring for animals, sharing a love for the land, its all Gracie's vision and it's beautifully delivered.

At the end of every session, fully laden with bags of fresh produce, the kids are reluctant to leave and one can see why.

Everyone is welcome and if you have kids let them experience a great learning initiative.

Parts of a pig.

A small outdoor classroom.

All signs are produced by the children.

Dad Billy articulates his desire to teach students how to use a tractor.

A new model with masses of safety features.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cider Festival at Hamptonne - Fais'se d'Cidre

One of the biggest events on the Heritage calendar and by the sheer volume of people attending yesterday one of the most popular.

Hamptonne hosted another Cider festival and people could see, first hand, the sheer effort that goes into making the amber nectar. 

Beyond the crushing and the pressing where lots of simple delights for the family but by far it was just being among happy people soaking up the atmosphere with children safely roaming around having fun the made the day.