Saturday, April 20, 2013

French Cultural Visit

A contingent of French Visitors from Ille et Vilaine crossed choppy seas to view what Jersey had to offer in terms of culture, heritage and creative spaces.

Amongst the visitors were;
M.Michel Gautier - General Councillor in charge of heritage and archives. 
Mme Sandrine Kerlidou - Director of the culture department at the General council.
M.Jean-Yves Leclerc  ArchivesDeputy Director. 
MGwenael Blin - Director of Culture cooperationat Rennes Metropole. 
M Jean-Luc Maillard - Director de L'Ecomusee.
Mme Celine Chanas - Directrice du Musee de Bretagne. 
M. Jerome Jacopin - International relations. 
Accompanied by Mme Elise Meerpoel - Adjointe au directeur - Bureau de Jersey providing her translating expertise.

They were provided with a quick overview of our current cultural holdings by Jon Carter from Jersey Heritage.

Then we whisked them off to the secret location of the coin hoard.

A bus ride to the Jersey Archive.

From there to the Jersey Museum where Doug Ford guided us through the newly opened Hatched, Matched and Dispatched exhibition. Then up to the Copley painting depicting the death of Major Peirson on loan from the Tate.

A quick lunch at Highlands was followed by visits to the Jersey Opera House and the Jersey Arts Centre.

A look of surprise on seeing the Coin Hoard.

Stuart Nicolle Acting Head of Archives greets our guests on arrival.