Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Jersey Fish Festival

Another Festival. The Island is full of them at the moment. Every weekend has another event rich with local associations and offering all sorts of fun.

The Jersey Fish Festival is in its second year and produced another winner. The weather was just right, sunny with a stiff breeze to keep the bunting fluttering, the flags flying and keep the tempratures low.. The whole event was conceived and created by the fishermen themselves. A testimony not just to their skill and ingenuity but to provide a celebration that could be shared by everyone even as their industry is under threat.

The original vision for all this came from Don Thompson President of the Jersey Fisherman's Association. Under his guidance and with a willing team of volunteers he made it happen.

Over 9,000 attendees wandered along Victoria Pier to sample fishy delights and soak up the atmosphere. A fifty percent increase on last years numbers.

Families flocked to see the Man Powered Flight, the ubiquitous Bungee, and stalls offering all manner of culinary treats.

Kids were every where but the biggest draw for young and old alike was the Touch Tank. Tiny people plunged deep to grasp heavy lobsters or stroke the rough skinned Dogfish.

The Viviers were opened so the public could appreciate the plentiful amount of shellfish plucked from these cold coastal waters. Most of which is exported to France or Spain.

The Water Carnival hoses subsided whilst the Dean Bob Key, seen here with his wife enjoying crepes, duly blessed the boats and crew.

The sculling race was won by Buccaneer Mick, suitably attired in his pirate costume, who powered his way to victory leaving Popeye and his mates in his wake.

Most people wandered up and down the pier sampling food and drink, lingering at the quayside to gander down at the moored boats and then back for another round.

Local bands played right through the day on two stages, culminating in Kevin and the Pinnacles bringing the whole event to a close illuminated by a firework display.

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