Saturday, October 27, 2018

Black Butter event at the National Trust headquarters The Elms St Mary.

Every year the autumn is heralded by scores of people driving through St Mary's leafy lanes to deposit the fruit of their labours at the open door of the Elms.

It's an old tradition that a community of volunteers pare and peel hundreds of apples which are gently tipped into a boiling cauldron to create the local delicacy of Black Butter. 
Gallons of cider are boiled down and added to it are quantities of cinnamon, liquorice, brown sugar and treacle. Slowly simmered over an open fire long into the night it eventually reaches a jammy consistency and becomes the famous Black Butter. 
A true Jersey delicacy.

Asked by the BBC reporter "what does it taste like?" Charles Alluto replied, "it tastes like Christmas!"

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