Sunday, January 8, 2012

Battle of Jersey Re-enactment - Royal Square St Helier

The Battle of Jersey (January 6, 1781) was an attempt by France to invade Jersey and remove the threat the island posed to American shipping in the American War of Independence. Jersey was used as a base for privateering by the British, and France, engaged in the war as an ally of the United States, sent an expedition to gain control of the island. The expedition ultimately failed, and its commander, Baron Phillipe de Rullecourt, died of wounds sustained in the fighting. The battle is often remembered for the death of the British officer Major Peirson, and a painting based on his final moments by John Singleton Copley.

Marching down King Street

Entering the Royal Square next to the Pierson Pub

The media are here too

Who is shooting who

Mind your ears it was loud!

Simon Crowcroft and the Dean address the large crowd

Familiar face in the crowd

Another snapper

Old meets the new

The Honorary Police out in support

Re-enacting the famous painting of the event in 1781 by John Singleton Copley

St Helier Constable - Simon Crowcroft in support 

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