Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discovery Day - Saturday.

A beautiful Saturday morning and the dappled shade of Hougue Bie welcomes junior archeologists to a Discovery Day.

Discovery on so many levels, finding coins, digging for bones, fossil hunting, the hidden delights of Hougue Bie, rediscovering the joy of just playing with your kids, eating a picnic, running free, dressing up, stamping your book...

The whole event is mapped out to keep everybody moving,searching, looking for that elusive stamp and discovery...

Waiting for the adults to get their act together can be frustrating.

The hunt begins.

Even the people are hidden.

But some are unmasked.

Just space to play.

Time to start stamping.

Job done, move on.

Dinosaur prints.

Keeping track.

Bone diggers.

Clay makers.

Dressing up, dressing down, having fun.

Keeping track. If you don't have a book get one.

 Template time.

Stamping is everywhere.

Safe play.

 Getting tired find a ride.

Find a bone complete the picture.

The Chapel.

Brenda spreads her smile.

Time to go. But we'll be back. So will I.

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