Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Half Term at the Museum

So what's to be discovered at the Museum? A few moments of Peace?

Quiet contemplation of hidden treasures? Or...

A wily WW1 Tommy

An Edwardian Photographer

A Civil War Soldier

So get yourself down there quick and be snapped by an Edwardian dandy. 

Listen to the bloodcurdling tales of battles won with musket ball, pike staff and a truly stout heart.

Hear the Tommy's tale of rat infested trenches deep, where soldiers die and widows weep.

Or just take time out to wander through the Museum and re-discover this Islands rich heritage on display.

These are all links in the same chain. Moments of contemplation, moments of fun, moments that won't be forgotten by all those involved for a long time...

Moments of pure bliss...

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