Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hamptonne - La Fais'se de Cidre.

Finding Hamptonne...

The last two days have shown what happens when you re-discover a lost treasure. The enforced closure of Hamptonne removed one of Jersey's most cherished Heritage sites. 

This week-end the doors were swung wide to invite islanders to witness the old traditional horse-drawn method of extracting apple juice for cider and crushing apples for black-butter making. The love for this place was palpable.

Everybody was catered for. Little people adorned with leafy crowns watched the Morris men or competed to spin plates. They guessed the weight of a pumpkin or munched their way through a Hog-roast bap. Crepes were a big hit as were the local sausages and burgers.

The apple theme ran through everything. Sadie cooked steaks in cider over an open fire for the cider-press crew. Camra provided cider and perry for the more seasoned drinkers. Sticky toffee apples and jars of home-made marmalade and Black Butter.
Warm autumn sunshine bathed the whole event. If you missed it there is still the Black-Butter making at the Elms next week-end. See you there.

Guess the weight?
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  2. I agree, it is a fantastic resource and should be available to the public. I used to take my children for a walk and explore there regularly. If we don't inspire an interest in our heritage when children are young, then eventually it will be lost!